In my mind 1

“Always indulge in current moments and you shall find ME back to you.”

I have a mercurial imagination, which of course always put me into such capricious sensations. For now, only typing down these intruders can I sustain peace for a moment. Should I being given a talent to make a sense out of all those sensed by me, I shall explore life curiously and turn those unrest into reality.


Road less Taken in a League Cup success!

How the League Cup is treated less prestigious than other league and cup competitions, the manner Liverpool approached the competition has brought the sparkles back. The competition offered LFC fixtures with less star-studded teams to EPL contenders. Superstars like Gerrard or first team youngsters like Flanagan have all been given chance to cohere with each other, tune their wavelength, understand the game, breed a serious and respectful culture and most importantly – identify themselves with the club. Not to mention to take full advantage of other “big” clubs who are playing halfheartedly. For a club like Liverpool, traditionally great but fallen a little apart, this is the perfect springboard to regroup, focus and create hopes.

Let’s hope that this little piece of history will lay down some memorable lessons for the future teams to treat each progress humbly and respectfully; and future players to treat each representation as their personal catalyst. For success is not guaranteed even for the apparent invincible, the most important is to breed the right attitude and a winning culture. For this mentality has been a road less taken by clubs and players who have great reasoning for priorities and instant success.


A Home

Heard of this twice in a space of 3 days, can’t help but to relate “home” to “studies” for you 😉

An academic title
Is part of an entitlement
Made of
Wood and Ink
And seal

A scholar
Is part of an academy
Made of wisdom and skills
And love

An academic title can be bought
A scholar must be created

“Feel Right”

One of the signatures of this blog is its ability to rest. Well, that means the owner must “feel right” to write another post. It is this stranglehold of “feeling right” that interests me today.

So it all started a while ago, when noises started piling up my hidden dirt. How long can one stand not digging them out? For me, it is just as long as I could remember. The hunt for “feeling right” could be forever, so long as you have some imagination or expectation. In my case, it is about convincing me through reasons or logic. Step by step explanation would be the perfect way for me. I might get you slowly, but that is not a matter, I feel comfortable that way. But a hunt could turn into haunt, when you mix two people together, let them be face to face and pointing right, it is not so comfortable now.

So there will be moments where relaxing your arm could help relax the other person’s arm. But there are also some point of time where you will need to keep your right arm straight up and be firm pointing “the” way. It all lies within your values and so it shall dictate your choices or initiative to  lead – whatever. Lead a social movement, lead an argument, lead your friends to camping…lead your child, lead your life.

So this “feel right” factor is just about normal, like everything else I believe, two-sided. If you know it just well, you lead well. If you are too fond of it, you might be bound to a more adventurous and exciting journey.

My Black Swan

If you consume food for the feeling of fullness, then perhaps you were terribly engaged to that emptiness and contraction so deep you could not possibly find a point to focus. The only way is to stuff such distraction and separation with a mouthful of edibles and then digest. The more you feel that loneliness, no-one-understand-you, you will be lost somewhere in the prairie! Then you randomly run across the field stepping on those lovely, greenish, yet vulnerable grasses, you want a way out. No way, there is no way to escape your own susceptibility! The more you swallow these irrelevancy, so does the flow of toxicity become more severe and one day, you will not be able to control it! You ruin your emptiness and you destroy your body…

Every thought and feeling was touched with such intensity. Yet when I sit back and relax, there is a movie in me.

The Reds’ Back!

King Kenny’s back to the fold has always been a delight. I was too young to witness his massive achievement as a player or manager for Liverpool Football Club, but some of his sights and quotes from the Net tell you he is a passionate man blended with vision.

1-0 to any side winning has always been dangerous, your opposition will always try to sneak in a goal and spoil your party. Very often they fight much harder than your try to kill the game or sit behind defending such slender lead.

Last time, Liverpool players defended with random heading for clearance; they attacked in hope for Torres or Gerrard to put the ball behind the net. So many balls flew into the box and bounced back nicely; passes intercepted and a counter crossing from the opposition would have caught the defenders off guard and thus caused the game. Even when they were in the lead, the games were often nervy till the end.

Yet, I saw a grounded Liverpool yesterday.

The starting 11 against Chelsea were Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Lucas, Gerrard, Meireles, Maxi, and Kuyt. One would have thought this team came to defend and counter on a lucky chance. However, there was something else instilled in these players. They were professional. They kept the ball with an eye to win. They defended well and kept finding the frailties in Chelsea. They battled as a team with a lot of confidence.

With their heads high, success was minor to the philosophy and beauty of football and a 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge answered their positive play, attitude, and mentality.

Humour Amour

It has been some time since I wrote on my blog. What exactly has happened these days gave me a feeling that I might have been understanding too hard, working too hard, playing too hard, etc too hard. It would have been easier if I’m not myself. Well, life is harsh! – in the sense where I naturally and happily reflect upon myself and the world, all the time!

If 10,000 hours is what you need to claim expertise or a solid foundation (on any field), I think I should be quite enlightened by now. Again, life is tough. Where will you go from a Ferris wheel? 360° and you think there are still so much to explore; on one hand, you thought you might have seen enough. Then, everyone comes back to square one.

Life is harsh, tough and I guess a little bit weird. What you think, feel, and understand might all come to a contradictory end. Dilemmas accompanying. Your right hand makes it all right; your left hand is completely not applicable. And this is what I’m trying to look after, the gap between you and yourself; the gap between you and your beloved; the gap between the world and itself, and of course me and myself.

Will it be us making things “too hard” that create these gaps? Well, if so, a sense of humour might be our tool to bridge the gap.

When it comes to humour, I recommend Viktor E. Frankl, Woody Allen, and Bill Shankly. These are some greatest people in their fields and often delight people with their witty words. And it is behind their quotes that I try to understand life on another wheel. A wheel (without a name) of true wisdom riding on a dynamic life.

Finally I wish to share one quote from Bill Shankly with you:
“The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they don’t know the game.”