My Black Swan

If you consume food for the feeling of fullness, then perhaps you were terribly engaged to that emptiness and contraction so deep you could not possibly find a point to focus. The only way is to stuff such distraction and separation with a mouthful of edibles and then digest. The more you feel that loneliness, no-one-understand-you, you will be lost somewhere in the prairie! Then you randomly run across the field stepping on those lovely, greenish, yet vulnerable grasses, you want a way out. No way, there is no way to escape your own susceptibility! The more you swallow these irrelevancy, so does the flow of toxicity become more severe and one day, you will not be able to control it! You ruin your emptiness and you destroy your body…

Every thought and feeling was touched with such intensity. Yet when I sit back and relax, there is a movie in me.


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