The Reds’ Back!

King Kenny’s back to the fold has always been a delight. I was too young to witness his massive achievement as a player or manager for Liverpool Football Club, but some of his sights and quotes from the Net tell you he is a passionate man blended with vision.

1-0 to any side winning has always been dangerous, your opposition will always try to sneak in a goal and spoil your party. Very often they fight much harder than your try to kill the game or sit behind defending such slender lead.

Last time, Liverpool players defended with random heading for clearance; they attacked in hope for Torres or Gerrard to put the ball behind the net. So many balls flew into the box and bounced back nicely; passes intercepted and a counter crossing from the opposition would have caught the defenders off guard and thus caused the game. Even when they were in the lead, the games were often nervy till the end.

Yet, I saw a grounded Liverpool yesterday.

The starting 11 against Chelsea were Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Lucas, Gerrard, Meireles, Maxi, and Kuyt. One would have thought this team came to defend and counter on a lucky chance. However, there was something else instilled in these players. They were professional. They kept the ball with an eye to win. They defended well and kept finding the frailties in Chelsea. They battled as a team with a lot of confidence.

With their heads high, success was minor to the philosophy and beauty of football and a 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge answered their positive play, attitude, and mentality.


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